The European Endometriosis League (EEL) has two main goals. Our aim is to extend public awareness and support scientific research in the field of Endometriosis and other co-existing gynaecological conditions.

To achieve these goals, we have built a European board of medical experts on Endometriosis (EEIC: European Endometriosis Information Center).

Furthermore, we are conducting scientific meetings, seminars, educational programmes, congresses, research projects and serve as a frame for patient self-support groups.

The results of our research projects are published in scientific journals and thus brought to the public’s attention.

Renowned physicians founded the EEL in 2005. So far we are active in several different European countries and are currently extending our activities into additional countries.

The EEL is supported and financed through membership fees, donations and an advisory board of the medical industry.


The chairman of the non-profit association is Prof. Dr. Stefan P. Renner, MBA., from Germany.

He is being supported by five internationally renowned experts.

Image Prof. Dr. Stefan P. Renner, MBA.
Stefan P. Renner
Chairman, Germany
Generic board member image
Leila Adamian
Horace Roman
Engin Oral
Engin Oral
Miroslav Kopjar
Bernhard Krämer
Taner Usta
Turkish Cooperation Partner

Membership Information

Everyone who is interested in supporting us and our aims can join. Whether you are an expert, a patient or a relative of a patient, we are more than happy to welcome you in our international network.

Members of the EEL benefit from a free access to the scientific Journal of Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain Disorders as well as reduced registration fees for EEL congresses.

The membership fee is 60 € per year.

Please complete the application form and email it to: or fax it to: +49 4181 29 15 99

You will receive a confirmation via email.